Easter and new beginnings

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What I think is interesting is how you could be the same person, saying and doing the same thing, yet you get such different perspectives and reactions from others.  These two photos were taken the exact same day, a few feet from each other, yet the first one looks like it was summer and the second one looks like it was fall (it was a sunny day in October, actually).  And I was the same person, but because of a change of clothes and location, I looked different from one photo to the next.

So, as you’re thinking of how the best is yet to come in your life, remember that you are, in your essence, a divinely created person, regardless of whether someone “under values” or “over values” you.  Know that God sees and loves you as you are and wants only the best for you.  And in the spirit of Easter, with resurrection and new beginnings, we can love and value ourselves as we are, but feel hopeful that, with positive changes we make in our lives, we can keep getting better.

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