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Critics and “crickets”

This post is an attempt to inform, inspire, and hopefully even save lives for National Bullying Prevention Month…. please feel free to share! First, let’s talk about the critics…. “If you’re not in the arena… I’m not interested in your feedback”.  Brene Brown For those who are publishing or performing in public, whether it’s digital, … Continue reading Critics and “crickets”

Academic, career, health and wellness counseling

After writing an article about telehealth, I was intrigued by the possibility of providing online therapy someday.  I am grateful to say that I am now offering online consulting and counseling.  As a professional counselor licensed in North Carolina, I can work with any client in the state of North Carolina online.  And as a … Continue reading Academic, career, health and wellness counseling

Safe and Sound

  When we think of the idea of “safety”, we often think of our physical safety. There are safety goggles, safety belts, workplace safety, and safety pins, which are designed to keep us protected from physical harm. But there is also emotional safety, which relates to our health and wellness just as much as physical … Continue reading Safe and Sound

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