Puns about snow… ready for cooler weather

It seems like people liked my “puns about sand”, so I thought I’d come up with some jokes about snow since it’s so hot outside…  ;-D

Snow:  Where do you go after you’ve reached the top of your career as a skier? It’s all downhill from there…

Ice:  I guess you could go into snow business…  you know, like Vanilla Ice, Crystal Gayle, Jack White, Ariel Winter, Amy Poehler…

Snow:  Aren’t people a little “flaky” in snow business, though?  You get my drift?

Ice:  I know… one day, there’s a flurry of activity about you, the next day, you’re a snow bunny…  but you’ll always be cool to me!

Puns about sand…ready for warmer weather

Just in case you think I’m going to always be serious, here is a joke I made up awhile back that’s good for people who like puns…

Sand: “What’s your favorite movie?”

Silt: “I don’t know…True Grit? What’s yours?”

Sand: “Beach Blanket Bingo! Some of my relatives were in that one.”

Silt: “They don’t make movies like they used to.”

Sand: “My sediments exactly!”

I sent my joke to my dad and he responded “Grain and bare it.”  (Guess where I got my love of puns from?)   Enjoy!