“Therapy Town”

Here’s how my new article in Mountain Xpress starts…

“Asheville is known for many things, including adventure and nature, arts and music, food and beer, and rest and recreation. It’s been called “Tree City” and “Beer City”as well as named “best of” on many lists. But what about calling Asheville “City of Counselors”? Or how about “Therapy Town”? For those of us who are counselors here (or social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists), it’s apparent that there are a great many “soul healers” here.”

Why are there so many therapists, and clients to see them, in this beautiful mountain town?  These are the questions I was seeking to answer….

I loved writing for Mountain Xpress and meeting with the therapists I interviewed for the article, including Pia Arrendell, Trip Woodard, and Joy Butler. You can read the rest at:




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