Music and cats

Casey 2014

My cat, Casey, has always had an uneasy alliance with my songwriting career. When I first moved to Nashville to be a songwriter, he used to go to his kitty litter box every time I started singing one of the new songs I had written. “Everybody’s a critic” I would say, in response. But he should be glad about my new album “Life Waves” because it literally could provide his daily sustenance. Buying my album (or even a single song) could help pay for my cat’s expensive prescription cat food! ;-D

Fortunately, my singing and songwriting has had some positive reviews more recently, including this one from Walt Aldridge (thank you, Walt!)

“Peggy’s writing comes from that heartfelt place where real songs are created. They stand the test of repeated listening and touch the places great songs are supposed to touch”

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