Two singers, same song

Here’s a song I wrote with a great songwriter, Scott Jarman, called “Chase an Old Memory Down”.  I got featured in a movie called “Send My Mail to Nashville” because the director, Stacey K. Black, heard me singing it in Nashville.  I thought it would be fun to compare my version with the one I recorded with a guy singing.  So here is my version…

Music and cats

Casey 2014

My cat, Casey, has always had an uneasy alliance with my songwriting career. When I first moved to Nashville to be a songwriter, he used to go to his kitty litter box every time I started singing one of the new songs I had written. “Everybody’s a critic” I would say, in response. But he should be glad about my new album “Life Waves” because it literally could provide his daily sustenance. Buying my album (or even a single song) could help pay for my cat’s expensive prescription cat food! ;-D

Fortunately, my singing and songwriting has had some positive reviews more recently, including this one from Walt Aldridge (thank you, Walt!)

“Peggy’s writing comes from that heartfelt place where real songs are created. They stand the test of repeated listening and touch the places great songs are supposed to touch”

When I met Queen (the band, not “the Queen”)

When I was much younger, I met the band Queen…  it was awesome and I love their music all the more because of it.  I met them after a concert in NC.  Brian May was especially nice to my friend, Charmaine, and I, even recognizing us when we found them the next day, saying to us, “Have you no homes to go to?”  I guess he thought we were just following them from one day to the next (and in a way, I guess we were!)  ;-D

Here’s a picture of Brian May, with us in the background, trying to look cool about it all….



Becoming Brave

I wrote a song awhile back called “Becoming Brave” with Paige Bainbridge, in Nashville.  Here are some lines in that song that I truly love and want to share…

There is no short cut, no easy way

And there’s no straight line, you can’t play it safe

But you walk on faith

You are…becoming brave

You’re free to make your own mistakes

On the road to being great

It’s time to judge yourself less, love yourself a whole lot more

Dance in the rain, even in the storm


Here’s a link to the song, “Becoming Brave”, featuring Paige’s beautiful voice. Enjoy!