Music and cats

Casey 2014

My cat, Casey, has always had an uneasy alliance with my songwriting career. When I first moved to Nashville to be a songwriter, he used to go to his kitty litter box every time I started singing one of the new songs I had written. “Everybody’s a critic” I would say, in response. But he should be glad about my new album “Life Waves” because it literally could provide his daily sustenance. Buying my album (or even a single song) could help pay for my cat’s expensive prescription cat food! ;-D

Fortunately, my singing and songwriting has had some positive reviews more recently, including this one from Walt Aldridge (thank you, Walt!)

“Peggy’s writing comes from that heartfelt place where real songs are created. They stand the test of repeated listening and touch the places great songs are supposed to touch”

With me in the waiting


One of my songs, “You’re Here for Me”, has a line “You’re with me in the waiting and nothing in creation can keep me from You”. It’s about how challenging it can be when you’re “not there yet” and you can’t see or can’t believe the best is yet to come. You’re trying to find the balance between accepting and loving yourself as you are, no matter what has happened in the past, and continuing to learn and grow into the person you were made to be. And trusting that God is with you as you grow in your faith.

“Therapy Town”

Here’s how my new article in Mountain Xpress starts…

“Asheville is known for many things, including adventure and nature, arts and music, food and beer, and rest and recreation. It’s been called “Tree City” and “Beer City”as well as named “best of” on many lists. But what about calling Asheville “City of Counselors”? Or how about “Therapy Town”? For those of us who are counselors here (or social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists), it’s apparent that there are a great many “soul healers” here.”

Why are there so many therapists, and clients to see them, in this beautiful mountain town?  These are the questions I was seeking to answer….

I loved writing for Mountain Xpress and meeting with the therapists I interviewed for the article, including Pia Arrendell, Trip Woodard, and Joy Butler. You can read the rest at:



The best is yet to come

I was having “one of those” Mondays, not really trusting my new blog’s “best is yet to come” concept… then on my drive home, I looked up and saw the Honda Pilot right in front of me had a personalized license plate that said “Best to come”! And as God is my “pilot”, I guess He was trying to remind me the best really is yet to come!   ;-D

Easter and new beginnings

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What I think is interesting is how you could be the same person, saying and doing the same thing, yet you get such different perspectives and reactions from others.  These two photos were taken the exact same day, a few feet from each other, yet the first one looks like it was summer and the second one looks like it was fall (it was a sunny day in October, actually).  And I was the same person, but because of a change of clothes and location, I looked different from one photo to the next.

So, as you’re thinking of how the best is yet to come in your life, remember that you are, in your essence, a divinely created person, regardless of whether someone “under values” or “over values” you.  Know that God sees and loves you as you are and wants only the best for you.  And in the spirit of Easter, with resurrection and new beginnings, we can love and value ourselves as we are, but feel hopeful that, with positive changes we make in our lives, we can keep getting better.

When I met Queen (the band, not “the Queen”)

When I was much younger, I met the band Queen…  it was awesome and I love their music all the more because of it.  I met them after a concert in NC.  Brian May was especially nice to my friend, Charmaine, and I, even recognizing us when we found them the next day, saying to us, “Have you no homes to go to?”  I guess he thought we were just following them from one day to the next (and in a way, I guess we were!)  ;-D

Here’s a picture of Brian May, with us in the background, trying to look cool about it all….